Standby Saver

It is estimated that UK households spend in the region of around £1.9m every year on electricity that is used in consumer electronic products; 10% of which can be attributed to standby power. Ultimately, this means that collectively as a nation we spend, or you could say waste in the region of around £190,000 per year on electricity that is used to power our household products in standby mode. Generating energy to power our household products requires the extraction and utilisation of our earth limited natural resources, which in turn significantly contributes to climate change due to the associated CO2 emissions that are released into the atmosphere. By reducing the amounts of energy we waste on powering our household products in standby mode, we can ultimately reduce the amounts of CO2 emissions that are released into the atmosphere and combat the uncertainties of climate change.

Standby Saver

The Standby Saver is a product that was first introduced to the market through the Dragon’s Den by inventors Peter Ensinger and David Baker. Ultimately, the Standby Saver cuts 100% of the standby power to any appliance plugged into it, reducing the user’s annual electricity bill and overall carbon footprint. Standby Saver is a 6-way energy saving extension socket, which allows the user to ‘switch off’ and eliminate standby power consumption, for up to six appliances. Standby Saver is available in two versions: the Infra Red version for use with TV, DVD, VCR, amplifiers and games consoles etc. and the USB version for use with PCs, laptops and associated products.

Infra Red Version

The Infra red version of the Standby Saver operates by learning command signals from any existing remote control that you may currently use within your home. Once Standby Saver has learnt the command from your remote control you are ready to start eliminating your entire standby power consumption. When fully programmed within your home/office, the Standby Saver can detect when you have powered down a product to standby mode and automatically cuts all power to that product.

USB Version

The USB version of the Standby Saver operates via a USB port on your home PC or laptop. The Standby Saver uses intelligent technology to detect when your PC or laptop has powered down and automatically cuts power to all other peripherals that are plugged into it.

Standby Mode Energy Eaters

Research carried out by the Energy Saving Trust has revealed that the following products are the most energy intensive products when left in standby mode:

  • Dishwashers left on at the end of their cycle consume 70% of the power used when they are running.
  • The average television is left on standby for up to 17.5 hours a day. Last year Britain’s 62 million television sets used about 8% of their energy consumption in standby mode.
  • Washing machines use just under 20% of their normal electricity requirement on standby.
  • Tumble-dryers can use 38% of power while waiting at the end of a cycle.
  • If lights were turned off when not in use, it would prevent 375,000 tons of CO2 emissions and save £55million in bills.
  • Other appliances with high standby power are cordless telephones, radios and stereos [1].


Energy Saving Trust, 2010

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