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Be Clean and Green

Energy Saving Warehouse have teamed up with Appliances Online, the appliance specialist, so we can provide the best environmentally friendly solutions to all our customers. By purchasing through Energy Saving Warehouse you’ll not only benefit from accumulating Carbon Action Points, you can be assured of the highest quality products from brands leading the way in Resource and Energy efficiency. By partnering with Appliances Online, we firmly believe you will get the best service in the market. Here are some of the reasons why... can save energy on your fridge and freezer

  • If everyone in the UK upgraded their fridges and freezers to eco-friendly models the country would save £688 million. (Energy saving trust)
  • Fridges run constantly and old fridges are a drain on your electricity supply. It’s like throwing money out of the window. An A+ rated fridge can cost just £16 a year to run.
  • Defrosting your freezer keeps it running efficiently as ice build up on the cooling element causes it to overcompensate and use more energy. Hate defrosting? Choose an auto-defrost model.

How to cook today for a brighter tomorrow

  • Choose a gas oven over electric if possible – gas emits half as much CO2 per unit as electricity (BBC)
  • In cooking, the nation’s electric hobs, kettles, ovens and microwaves use as much energy in a single year as the UK’s street lighting does in six years (BBC)
  • Induction hobs use electromagnetic power which only heats the surface area of your pan, so no energy is wasted in cooking

Be clean and green with laundry and dishwashing

  • Remember to turn off your appliances. £1 billion worth of energy is wasted in the UK by people leaving appliances on standby.(Energy saving trust)
  • Upgrading your old D rated washing machine to an A+ rated model could save you £20-£30 per year. (Appliances Online Washing Machine Buying Guide)
  • Appliance manufacturer Beko has launched a A+++++ rated washing machine, the WMB81445L, which uses 50% less energy than an A rated appliance.

So you’ve changed your energy provider, your light bulbs, and your stand-by habits, but have you thought about your major appliances?

Our most popular green products

Energy Efficient

  • Quick heat response time - over 50% faster than gas or electric
  • Flexinduction zones for any pan size
  • Focused heat means no wasted energy
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A+ Energy Rating

  • Save 45% energy compared to a conventional compressor
  • Emits 63kg a year less than a conventional compressor
  • Equivalent to planting 16 new pine trees each and every year!
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A+++++ Rated

  • The world’s only A+++++ washing machine.
  • Cycles cost you 50% less than other washers.
  • Prevent waste with the auto half load system.
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Greener Living with Appliances Online

Changing your kitchen appliances for more energy efficient models could save you a considerable amount of money per year, and it helps to promote sustainability in the environment. But how do you dispose of your old appliances in an environmentally friendly manner?

At Appliances Online we take our role as a responsible retailer very seriously, so we’re doing our bit to help the environment through the government’s WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Confused about how to select a new energy saving appliance? Appliances Online works in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust to inform you which white goods are efficient. To ensure you choose a green appliance look for appliances which are rated A, A+ or A++.

When it comes to purchasing your new appliance at Appliances Online you can order until 7pm for free next day delivery, every day of the week. And with our price match promise we’re confident you won’t find appliances cheaper anywhere else, but if you do we’ll match their offer!

Why recycle your old appliances?

We're committed to recycling old appliances to ensure they're disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. And because we deliver 7 days a week, we also collect appliances for recycling every day – including on weekends. So now there’s no excuse for not recycling.

It's easy being green!

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